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Michaël Salihi08:04:06

Hello everybody ! I use Shadow-cljs + Reagent + Firebase authentication for one project and without change, I have suddenly since 2/3 days this error message : TypeError: "'requestAnimationFrame' called on an object that does not implement interface Window" on Firefox ("TypeError: Illegal invocation" on Chrome)

Michaël Salihi08:04:50

This appears in when I reset a boolean ratom in this function

(defn on-auth-state-changed
     (if user
       (reset! auth? true)
       (reset! auth? nil)))))


@admin055 interesting. please try setting :compiler-options {:fn-invoke-direct false} in your build config.


I changed that default and it may be causing this

Michaël Salihi08:04:52

@thheller Nice ! I'll try this right now, thank you !

Michaël Salihi08:04:07

@thheller Perfect, the error's gone ! Thx very much for support and your amazing shadow-cljs and more ! 🙂


hmm doh. I hoped that wouldn't fix it. 😛


guess I'll revert back to the "safe" default

Michaël Salihi08:04:37

@thheller Haha 😄 Is this the commit who break something ? If I understand, it's for compilation speed optimization, right ? Src :


I tested it in my apps and it worked fine but I'm not using reagent so I missed that

Michaël Salihi08:04:15

Thx for the link (y)


Has anyone figured out a way to use clojure spec without including it in the release bundle?