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hipster coder06:04:29

I am watching the 33rd Degree presentation, Red Hat Lead, on Vert.x and I am hooked because I can run my code on server side and client side across an event bus (web sockets)… So I can get away from the AJAX architecture. Has anyone tried using Clojurescript with Vert.x? Also, I can write Clojure code on Vert.x, for the JVM. Some presentations said EDN can be used to share code across server side and client side?


(Math/abs 1) is the same as (js/Math.abs 1). Which js namespaces are referable like this in CLJS?


I need to add a infinite scroll which loads data from an api. Any recommendations of a useful library for cljs? I tried to make my own component with re-com but I could not manage to set the scroll position when the state was updated.


I used this lib:

                 :attr {:onScroll scrolled}
                 :width "100%"
                 :v-scroll :auto
                 :height "450px"
                 :child (render-item-list column-settings))
not sure how to manipulate the DOM after the reagent-component is initialised


I like React Virtualized for that


I'll have a look at that @borkdude, no time to re-invent the wheel atm. Thanks ✌️


@borkdude do you use the cljsjs-version?



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Ok I was just wondering because I can't get the auto-complete to work in emacs for the package, but i'll do fine without it 🙂