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Hi everyone! I worked in a project using Clojure a couple of years ago, and it was a really good experience. Today I work mainly with frontend, so I'm interested in having a look at Clojurescript!


One question: what would be a good setup if I want to embed a Clojurescript application inside a current JS application?


Let's say I have a React app, and I want to implement one component using Clojurescript, and import it from my main app.


Does anyone work with this setup? (I believe this is probably one of the most successful ways of introducing a new tech in a work environment, due to the low risk)


Thanks in advance! 🙂


any tips for working with #core-async in node? Exceptions always crash the repl for me and its a pain to reload it. is there some kind of "dont blow up on exceptions" flag? Is it just a #shadow-cljs thing?


@idiomancy nope thats a node thing. uncaught exceptions crash the process. you can setup


@lucasmreis if you want to write a React component in CLJS that is usable from JS, you might want to look at Reagent’s React interop:

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Is Reagent the way to use React with Clojurescript? Is anyone working with React directly?


@lucasmreis maybe will also be interesting. it’s using React pretty directly. You can even use it without a wrapper of course.

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@lucasmreis you might consider #chrepl too, if you don't yet have access to the code base. Makes it easy to explore an existing app.

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ah, you said, "Let's say I have a React app", in which case you can just add cljs to the project.