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eccentric J01:02:21

Does cljs only support using npm deps through :npm-deps or can tools like figwheel-main support using dependencies from package.json?


In vanilla Cljs, you need both, only shadow allows you to specify them only in package.json

eccentric J01:02:11

Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up.

kwladyka16:02:47 here you have example how to use npm deps with figwheel-main


it is real small code, so it should help

kwladyka16:02:45 this is the most important file to understand how it works


Personally I recommend do it as I do it instead of :npm-deps, but it is my opinion 🙂

eccentric J01:02:22

> Declare NPM dependencies. A map of NPM package names to the desired > versions or the Boolean value false. If false then any existing > node_modules directory will not be indexed nor used. See also > :install-deps. > :npm-deps {:left-pad “1.1.3” }

eccentric J01:02:28

Hahahah very clever, the infamous left-pad.