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it seems lein cljsbuild is somehow building clj files that it is supposed to ignore. they are on the build path, but in my other projects *.clj files have always been ignored. any ideas why this could be the case?


@whilo it should not be building any .clj files? if you mean .cljs files you might not have a :main configured which will lead to compiling everything instead


hi all, just a quick question: is there a way to disable keywordize in cljs-http for a get request? (http/get "resource" {:as :json}) does not work, even with cheshire added as a dependency


hmm that's a pity, i think i will give cljs-ajax a try...


Hello all, I have a blob audio in clojurescript side, how do I send it to server to save into server folder?


I have server ring for clojure backend

Roman Liutikov22:01:24

Send it as binary data (arraybuffer)