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I hope I am posting this in the correct channel on the board … my apologies if not:


Hello everyone, it is great you meet you all. Our team is pretty new to Clojure / ClojureScript & Reagent / Om & Om Next and the Clojure ecosystem but as a team of Java programmers it seems like a real breath of fresh air. We are trying to brainstorm and “layout” the ideal stack for our Non-Profit. I love the idea of everything being Clojure Based however the one thing that is confusing me is the Datomic Cloud database --- It sounds awesome. It sounds as though it could get quite expensive very quickly and as a Non-Profitable, Non-Profit that is being funded by “our team” … that makes me nervous. I just don’t want to bankrupt us before we ever get started. Any suggestions, resources, success stories, horror stories would be welcomed. Thank you for your time. Coffey.


You can try to ask about Datomic on #datomic . Probably you will get better help in that topic.


Well it is very simple app, so there is more, but this one is public


IMO Clojure(Script) is not something which you want to use as framework. You want to choose your small pieces. But it is my opinion. It is first tech when I feel I don’t want to use frameworks.


Instead I prefer to glue my own choices


It is wide topic about choosing your stack. I could write too much about this for that channel 🙂


Probably it will be easier to propose something for smaller needs


Choosing Datomic simply to be Clojure based doesn’t seem like a good idea. Also, Datomic is closed source so realistically its Clojureness to you would effectively be the same as using many other dbs that have a Clojure library/interface. I would suggest you start by looking at what db best aligns with your apps needs and existing skill sets then look at what libraries are available to you and go from there.


Thank You all for your answers.


hey folks, any suggestion for a graphql client lib ? for nodejs target