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Mario C.01:12:10

Is the Om framework not being actively developed anymore?


I'm not sure what the Om status is exactly, but are you familiar with Fulcro?

Mario C.01:12:24

No I am not familiar with Fulcro


It started as an extension of Om.Next and has evolved into it's own thing, but still a lot of similarities.


Or maybe I should say foundational stuff in common.

Mario C.01:12:55

Cool! I am looking to rebuild a small app and looking for a framework. We already use Om in another app but apparently the maintainer of Om stopped maintaining it


Is there any examples of libraries made using shadow-cljs ?


@heefoo #shadow-cljs try there and ask what you need


channel has great support by owner of shadow-cljs


Is :extend-via-metadata only in clojure at the moment? Any idea how to get similar functionality in clojurescript? The last time I tried to use protocols+records with cljc I had a lot of trouble using them in clojurescript…


Ah, thanks @U064X3EF3, I’ll have to see how to get that into my code =)…


I spent a while trying to work out why I kept getting nth not supported errors in the cljs repl…

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:12:20

I don’t think there is a cljs release with that change in it yet though


Irregardless, I dimly remember (was using cljx at the time) that records were less portable than most of Clojure. The protocol is a pleasant dynamic dispatch technique, but at the same time it's a nexus with platform interop. I seem to remember having to use different :require/:import notation, and that the baggage that got declared in various namespaces to implement the record/protocol was not the same. Er - so there was strategy involved in the decision whether to declare a protocol in one ns or another, and the strategy seemed more important in either clj or cljs? Does this ring a bell?


@braden.shepherdson thanks so much for your replies, it seems like localStorage is the easiest way, i'm only storirng a clientside auth key, logintime, and username, so it's all gravy ^_^