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I'm looking to add CodeMirror to an application I have and was wondering if anyone had any advice/pointers that they thought might be useful. Learning experiences in using it, etc. Thanks for any insights. As another note, this is in a Reagent based application.

Dustin Getz15:12:00

hyperfiddle has a reagent code mirror integration in contrib namespace you can look at, sorry on mobile

Dustin Getz15:12:35

overall it is pretty okay, does what it says on the box, robust reagent integration took many iterations but our needs are complex


@U09K620SG Thanks! I'll take a look


@mfikes interesting, thanks!

Braden Shepherdson17:12:38

CLJS output includes checks at the top to see if Google Closure libs exist, and fetch them if not. I want, broadly, to have the CLJS compiler output a Closure library for inclusion in a larger project. more tactically, I don't want it to try to fetch the Closure files, since I know they'll be included.

Braden Shepherdson18:12:00

hmm. using :modules in my output got me a properly self-contained file... but it still includes what seems to be the entire Closure base library first.

Braden Shepherdson18:12:24

I really want just my own namespace, with its few lines of code and a goog.provide('my.namespace');.


favorite way to route URL in the SPA world of cljs?