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koala punch13:12:13

hi are there any cursive users here?

koala punch13:12:24

the official channel seems dead, i think they’re all in another timezone

koala punch13:12:36

i can’t seem to autoimport my own namespaces, just external ones

koala punch13:12:38

anyone else had this?


@christopher.paul I use Cursive, but I've never used that feature. Guessing that it is similar to :repl-requires

koala punch13:12:59

there seem to be core libraries baked into it, so it autoimports those fine

koala punch13:12:10

do you just manually import all your stuff, mfikes?

koala punch13:12:29

in other languages such as typescript, i’ve just got used to autoimporting stuff i guess


Oh, I see what you are saying: "Automatically manage the ns form"

koala punch13:12:59

so i’ve created a load of components in different namespaces

koala punch13:12:01

i want to use them together

koala punch13:12:13

i dont’ want to be keying stuff in all the time really


Yeah, for me I end up seeing little autocomplete suggestions where you hit alt-enter to add things. So I'd say it works for me in Cursive.

koala punch13:12:39

i get suggestings when im typing in

koala punch13:12:44

but they dont get added to the top of the file

koala punch13:12:50

they just have their full blown namespace inline


I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if it fails for my own namespaces.

koala punch13:12:30

i end up with that

koala punch13:12:40

rather than leinshadow.another in my require block


Oh, I've never seen that behavior 🙂

koala punch13:12:55

if i have a lot of nesting that’s going to look ugly


There is a #cursive channel that might know more

koala punch13:12:24

yea they’re all asleep i think

koala punch13:12:30

could you do me a favour

koala punch13:12:36

and tell me what version of the plugin you have installed?



koala punch13:12:39

i think im on an older version

koala punch13:12:57

for some reason im on 2017.2

koala punch13:12:34

ah wait that could be because of my version of intellij


so I’m hitting an “invalid arity: 22” using apply


Not sure if this is the exact issue, but whenever I've had a problem like that in the past it has been related to


Put them in a vector/list


hm OK. sounds like it’s expected behavior


@lilactown can't have more than 20 explicit args in the signature, you need a rest parameter if you have more


Sure I’m just confirming this is intentional


gotcha. I guess I’m a bit confused since parse-element has a rest parameter


@lilactown hrm parse-element is a muitimethod, can you make something more minimal?

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in my lein project.clj i have 4 builds in cljsbuild, and in each one i repeat certain keys like :externs and foreign-libs all 4 times, is there a way to not repeat those keys? am i using builds incorrectly and should i use profiles instead?


profiles is one way yes


but ClojureScript and more recent tooling support merging to avoid that


is there an article about merging or some docs?


clj -m cljs.main -h


lein run -m cljs.main -h etc.


a better way to manage different ClojureScript builds in my opinion is lein aliases


which are just CLI arg bundles


(similar to :main-opts + aliases with deps)