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Dante T. M.01:12:31

@dnolen thanks. I'll try there. Still getting used to all the channels


:closure-defines {form-validator.core/framework "reagent"} Do you suggest better name, than “framework” to define project based on reagent / fulcro or whatever? I need it only to define how to create atom. (reagent: reagent.core/atom vs atom)


I wanted to use form-validator.core/atom first, but this name is reserved. But maybe something around atom name is more clear?


At least I don’t have better idea then closure-defines to make module work with reagent. Any better idea?


silly question maybe, but I'm using [ring.middleware.cljsjs :refer [wrap-cljsjs]] to be able to access non JS assets inside cljsjs packages


but how do I find out what's the path of the CSS files inside the package?


ok I found at least where the jars are since I could not even find that ~/.m2/repository/cljsjs