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a user could trigger a sorting action on the atom and that would also update the ui according to what the new result was.


interesting idea to sort posts by more than just rating, like post length, or some blend of timestamp delta and score


in 2013 dnolen wrote: is the currently an API for this to get the macro caller’s namespace?


probably I should do something like (:ns (ana/analyze &env &form))

Dustin Getz14:12:08

Just posted massive braindump about clojure and graphs and UI if anyone has thoughts or contributions:


I did ~(ns-name *ns*) in a cljc file recently and I think it just worked in cljs


I'll find the code when I'm back at my computer


@john this seems to work yeah: (println "NS" '~(ns-name *ns*)) thanks!


yeah, this is what I had ~(str (ns-name *ns*))


the stringification resolves it


you might not actually need the ns-name... but otoh, that form may work across clj/cljs


needs some experimentation


~(str *ns* #_(ns-name *ns*)) also seems to work, but that’s maybe because toString on ns just does ns-name?


I'm guessing. But does that also work in clj?


Yeah, seems to


on first try


I think that’s an implementation detail I don’t want to rely on, so I’ll keep ns-name


should always work in cljc


The ns-name form


rather than the shortcut


hi all, newbie here. I am working on lein / figwheel /clsjs / reagent codebase and would like to include some npm-lib. I got it to work, except the last thing I need to do is make sure the corresponding css gets loaded. I have found this piece of documentation: The project doesn't currently use sass, but it looks like that is my only option to make sure I can pull the css out of the clojar. Am I correct or have other options come up since that document was written? (circa 2016)

Braden Shepherdson20:12:00

I'm having the same problem and found the same doc. I'm using cljsjs/codemirror under lein and figwheel. its docs give a couple of Boot tasks, but I'm not using Boot and it's entirely unclear what the analogue should be in Leiningen.

Braden Shepherdson21:12:14

I suppose I can just grab the CSS from CDNJS, but that's unsatisfying 😄

Dustin Getz21:12:34

i use webpack for css pipeline

Dustin Getz21:12:02

And npm deps, also, don't really care about cljs npm support


otherwise those CLJSJS docs should be accurate for any tool, as long your dep is from there and has those assets


thanks all

Dante T. M.23:12:17

Trying to build a single page app with a login. I have a user pool set up in AWS cognito and I know how to handle the form, but not sure how to best make the calls to cognito. Seen references to using aws-amplify, but not sure how to use a react library in my app. Using lein and reagent. Anyone have experience with cljs serverless and cognito?

Dante T. M.23:12:48

To be more specific, should I be doing this through :npm-deps since aws-amplify is available via npm, or directly through :foreign-libs?