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Oliver George02:11:02

Can anyone explain how to setup a repl for clojurescript using prepl. I'm interested to see what rebl can do based on...


According to the testing docs:

By default, these functions will search for all tests defined in
a namespace and run them in an undefined order.
Is anyone aware of a way in which I could make tests in clojurescript run in a fixed order without using test-ns-hook or doing everything manually? (from the docs it seems like test-ns-hook and fixtures don’t play well together) Using lein + doo and running on nodejs, if that makes any difference.


@andre.stylianos no there is no way to influence the order

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other than manually setting it up with multiple (cljs.test/run-tests 'foo) (cljs.test/run-tests 'bar) ...


I imagined so… thanks @thheller!


You have probably already considered the possibility of taking the code that is currently spread across separate tests, and combine them into one test.


Yeah, I thought about that, but we’re using re-frame-test and testing async code with run-test-async, which means there can only be one call to it because of it calling (done). Joining everything inside a single test and working around that would probably be more trouble than just running the tests manually… Not to mention the nesting that we would have 😛


But thanks for the suggestion