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@grav If you are using :npm-deps, you can place :npm-deps in deps.cljs to establish an upstream dependency. Example at

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Joseph Hance16:11:15

Does anyone have an idea why the following code using r0man's cljs-http library works on Chrome and IE11 but fails on Edge?

(defn call-web-service 
    [url sec-token]
    (go (let [response (<! (http/get url
                            :response-type :array-buffer
                            :with-credentials? false
                            :headers {"x-sectoken" sec-token}                                  
          (swap! app-state assoc :response response)                      
          (println "Status is: " (:response @app-state)))))
Chrome says:
Status is:  {:status 200, :success true, :body #object[ArrayBuffer [object ArrayBuffer]], :headers {content-type image/jpeg}, :trace-redirects [ ], :error-code :no-error, :error-text }
But Edge says:
Status is:  {:status 0, :success false, :body nil, :headers {}, :trace-redirects [ ], :error-code :http-error, :error-text  [0]}

Joseph Hance16:11:54

I think that very well could be the issue. I'm not getting a specific CORS error but the rest of the behavior is in line with the notes in the reference article. Thanks!


Moving from cljs 1.10.339 to 1.10.439 is giving me an NPE during compilation. The thrown ExceptionInfo contains the source-file of the error and the NPE as the cause. The file is pretty normal, and the stack trace contains only clojure.core/`cljs.compiler` fns. Is there something I could do to get more insight on what could be causing the NPE?


@aisamu if you are using Shadow-cljs makes sure you use 2.7.x


Thanks, but we're using cljsbuild!


Thanks, but we're using cljsbuild!

Eccentric J20:11:59

Working in my first re-frame app. Where do I dispatch the fetch event for data specific to a page? In the template example it fetches on initialize but I would much prefer to fetch when a route is hit

Eccentric J20:11:19

Nevermind, going to take this to #re-frame.