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I am displaying a table in reagent. I am displaying multiple rows, each row has its own symbol/name, and then has a vector of floats. So I need a key from the index of the for loop, this is the ^{:key r} But then I need to somehow add the symbol of the row to this index. I tried searching info on the ^ operator, but cannot find anything...


@hoertlehner the ^{:key r} just adds this map as metadata on the following [:td ...] vector


So if I add the metadata not key but key-index


and then in the td I assoc it,


then it should work


In reagent docs I somehow understood that the ^{:key r} adds the index of r as :key.


@thheller Or does the :key get the key of the element, and then reagent then uses the key similarly to the :key map that I can pass on?


I guess that :key has two meanings then really.


I have no idea what reagent does with this. I'm guessing that it takes it to set the react key prop later on


@thheller Thanks! I will play around with it. At least I now have an idea that there is "metadata" in clojure also. Thanks!


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Hi folks! Besides my cljs application, I also include two extra files in my index.html file: bootstrap.bundle.min.js and jquery-3.2.1.min.js. Is it possible to get rid of these inclusions and manage these files somehow through my cljs project? I dont really need them in my project but there is functionality like bootstrap dropdown menus that depend on them.