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any have any ideas on how to get started with in cljs? Can NPM dependencies be consumed to be used in browser applications?


thanks @dnolen I will take a look


@jiyinyiyong I am very interested in shadow-cljs but I am trying to use this library in an existing quite large and old cljs code base and to be honest it is a PITA to try to use a different build tool just for this one lib.


I'm quite interested, for a large project you mentioned, is there any feature you are using that is now missing in shadow-cljs?


What do people use for tracking errors in ClojureScript apps? We use sentry for tracking errors on our backend Clojure services, is it also good for ClojureScript?

Roman Liutikov13:06:27

I think so. We are using Rollbar for both back and front ends


We are using sentry for almost 2 months on both sides. Works nice and integration was not so hard

Oliver George02:06:00

We use sentry on the frontend too. Basic functionality works. Haven't pushed it much beyond that.


I continue to have major issues getting es6 foreign-libs to work with clojurescript. Here is the minimal source code for my example with cljs.main

Roman Liutikov15:06:37

have you tried npm i @cljs-oss/module-deps?


I have not, but my project doesn't use NPM. I will give it a shot anyway


@bfast don't know if you saw but this is all a whole lot easier in shadow-cljs. see basically just copy index.js into the src/hello_world folder and (:require ["./index.js" :as math]). no :foreign-libs config required.


thanks @U05224H0W ill give it a shot


@bfast your compile command is not right, it must end with -c


hey everyone. I have a clojurescript repl going from boot into chrome but when I give it a command to output anything it shows up on the browser console instead of back into the terminal where the repl is. Anyone know off the top of your head how to remedy that?


Try using (enable-console-print!)


@vigilancetech thatโ€™s odd, REPLs should handle that for you


@dnolen yeah, it seems it used to work a few weeks ago. I know I had to hack something to get the newlines right then, but not this problem. Can't think of what changed.


hmmm.. works in chromium. My chrome must be broken somehow


hello, I'm trying to understand the internals of how cljs.test works, one thing that's bugging me is the :assert-type eq when the assertion is a =, can someone tell where this information come from? I tried searching the whole clojurescript source but I can't find it anywhere


@wilkerlucio search the cljs/test.clj source as well


yep ๐Ÿ™‚


nothing there =/


I tried searching the whole project, also downloaded and tried to grep on it, or I'm very blind or it's very well hidden ๐Ÿ˜›


@wilkerlucio where are you seeing this specifically?


@bhauman when I look at the test report, I wrote a custom reporter (thanks to devcards code, that was really helpful on figuring this part out), and on the reporter I see this information


it comes out of the test, but I can't find where it's defined