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thanks @mfikes. when I run jps, it gives me

19504 main
19506 main
21893 Jps
20646 main
21007 main
are these all clojure threads?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)11:05:01

Those are Java processes which may be Clojure programs. Pass args like jps -mv to see more info


ok so I did a few tests and it turns out that the issue is related to the amount of files I have in my project dir. I’ve got a Laravel (php) project and I’ve got my project.clj in there. I’m re-building this web app from PHP Backend + React.js on Frontend, to just Clojure + ClojureScript. So if I strip out all the cljs code I have at the moment and put it somewhere outside this project and run lein figwheel there, it starts up within 12 seconds. and in the current project dir it takes around 110 seconds on average


furthermore testing, it turns out it’s because of node_modules dir


@bravilogy An improvement in node_modules indexing has landed on ClojureScript master. If you are interested in trying that,


I saw a 6-fold improvement on one of my projects.


I'm following the quick start, how can I prevent clj --main cljs.main --compile hello-world.core --repl from opening a browser?


want to use a remote browser, so was thinking of point a web server to the out dir


where the main.js resides, where does the default index.html resides?


@lockdown- You can use the :launch-browser REPL opt:

clj --main cljs.main --repl-opts '{:launch-browser false}' --compile hello-world.core --repl
See more at

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You can place an index.html in the directory where you launch the REPL. Follow the instructions that are shown in the browser.


Is there instrumenting that needs to be done for garden to work?