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Hello all, I´m using libs from cljsjs and I´m getting this error after including the lib "Accessing createClass via the main React package is deprecated". What is it means?


React.createClass() method, a way to create a React Component, will be removed in a future version of React.


Are you using reagent? It might we worth updating


So I got my stack-based language compiling in clojurescript, and i'm just finishing up on getting the playground fully functional. It still has a few rough edges, but here's a sneak peek.


I'll post about it more at a better hour, i'm currently exhausted


All the cljs framework options… an embarrassment of riches.

Ivan Fedorov20:04:12

Any "philosophical transactions" on how to compose the URL in SPA? What to include, what to omit, how to deal with user searches etc...


Anyone know how to disable ClojureScript compilation via cljsbuild when running lein repl? In a combo clj/cljs project, waiting for the cljs when I'm just trying to run the backend clj code is pretty annoying


I don't think that's a default in lein repl, someone on your team must have written code for it. Do you have a user.clj or something similar configured in project.clj?