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Should one be able to :exclude [use] from a cljs namespace? @vigilancetech is getting an error


Did anyone playing around vue.js? Any cljs wrapper on it?


@flyboarder that should definitely work, what CLJS version?


but I wasnt the one getting the error, so I cant confirm it either


@flyboarder FWIW:

$ wget 
cljs.jar                      100%[=================================================>]  22.13M   361KB/s    in 51s

2016-10-22 17:35:02 (447 KB/s) - ‘cljs.jar’ saved [23209972/23209972]

$ rlwrap java -cp cljs.jar clojure.main
Clojure 1.8.0
user=> (require '[cljs.repl.node :as n])
user=> (require '[cljs.repl :as repl])
user=> (repl/repl (n/repl-env))
ClojureScript Node.js REPL server listening on 49253
To quit, type: :cljs/quit
cljs.user=> *clojurescript-version*
cljs.user=> (refer-clojure :exclude '[use])


@anmonteiro thanks! much appreciated! Issue has to be elsewhere then


I'm deeply interested in using the latest ClojureScript on the latest versions of Node.js. Would appreciate pointers to current information for getting started writing serious Node.js web applications, involving bi-directional interop, in ClojureScript (front and back), by any gurus who have achieved that level of enlightenment.


@bobcalco I’m afraid your question is too general. If I were to start a new full-stack cljs app today, I would look into om-next for frontend, transit for transport and something like graphql for backend, if some implementation existed for cljs


@darwin OK point taken on generality. Specifically, I'd like to (know how to) write plugins and custom servers for actionhero.js in CLJS-- here's what it expects: and ... I'm not sure it's possible to compile CLJS to JS to meet the module loading interface requirements actionhero expects of plugins and custom servers. In general I perceive that Node.js interop is / has not been a primary focus of ClojureScript. So, as a contingency, I'd like to know how to build Node.js apps in CLJS that can do the kinds of things actionhero does -- i.e., support loading plugins dynamically. I wish actionhero was written in CLJS because it's got many great concepts, like separation of transport from service implementation, but I'm sure it could be done better in CLJS.


anything which can be done in JS can be done in CLJS, I would not be afraid of being unable to do something, the problem is larger interop surface you have, more non-idiomatic code you will have to produce and you will have to do marshalling of clojurescript data structures to plain js data and back, or you will have to write your cljs code to work with plain js data


@bobcalco you do a similar thing following the same pattern


What about cljs optimization? how would I set up my project.clj file assuming lein to compile these properly in the correct subdirectories etc? That's really the part I am struggling to start with.


rather than fighting lein and lein-cljsbuild, I would use symlinks in dev mode and some build script in release mode


Using boot you mean?


a shell script


which uses cp or mv or anything you need to prepare proper directory structure


lein-cljsbuild and lein expect some specific directory structure and it is better to let them manage compilation target folder IMO


I didn’t study the details of action hero plugin structure, maybe there is an easy way, but I’m not going to look into that


no worries, this is helpful, thanks


btw. for calling shell scripts from leiningen I use lein-shell, has been working well for me


typically I define lein aliases for commonly used commands which call shell scripts, so that I’m free to use shell powers and not being restricted by rigid lein project.clj structure


Hello Everyone, I'm in need of help regarding uploading a clojure project to with Boot


If anyone can help please, message Me