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hi! Is anyone using emacs with cider here? I'm unable to clojurescript-jack-in in my project


nrepl starts correctly, and even the namespace is right, but I'm unable to compile my cljs file with c-c c-k or to reach it through the repl - as it were not "jacking in" the right file. Has this been happening to anyone?


@turbopape: Do you (or anyone) have a copy of Learning Clojure's table of contents? Ideally even a tiny sample to share?


I'd simply buy the book optimistically, but this gives me pause: > Packt does not provide the ability for buyers to cancel orders or obtain refunds for eBooks.


(I realize it could take a while for the editors to update the page so I'm asking informally...)


I'm trying to make global checkbox which is aimed to mark/unmark all the others and I've got an Reagent warning:

Warning: ReagentInput is changing an uncontrolled input of type checkbox to be controlled. Input elements should not switch from uncontrolled to controlled (or vice versa). Decide between using a controlled or uncontrolled input element for the lifetime of the component. More info: 
I am reading about controlled React elements but it's not clear to me. What it means to decide between using controlled and uncontrolled input elements? In other hand, React's docs says that controlled elements should declare value property which should be used in rendering, how can I make a checkbox checked just using value?


hello People, I would like to share with you a tutorial that I wrote about how to use Clojurescript dependencies from the sources:


tjb: I have an idea of the content; I bought the book


@wilkerlucio: Wouldn't just lein install work instead of that lein-jar script?


@juhoteperi: to be honest I haven't tried without it, this tutorial emerged after a talk I had with @tony.kay (, did you tried just with the lein install?


@wilkerlucio yeah, 'lein install' will install the jar to ~/.m2 so you include it as any other published dep


just change the version number in project.clj so it doesnt override the actual published version


doesn’t lein support vendor deps explicitly? maybe not with cljs


@tjg I talked with packt to update the website and fix the issues about the Toc and the sample. If not done, I'll share a TOC


@shaunlebron @juhoteperi @lvh thank you all for the reporting on that, I'm going out now, but I'll later do some testing on my own and probably update the article


anyone using luminus with cursive ide? what should one do to start figwheel? The default procedure described at ( keeps throwing me to the default "keep on figwheelin' " screen