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Hello guys, can I ask suggestions for a reagent-friendly image gallery/carousel component? I have had a look at Semantic UI but it seems like they dont have it (yet).


I’m trying to use the library to make a POST request (which I can do) but how do I access the response :status and :body from a POST request. There are examples of how to do it for a GET, and that I can do, but how do I do it for a post? Anybody know?


@simax99: it's the same as for GET requests. It returns a channel, you get the entire response with <! in a go block, and then you can get :body and :status from the response


@nberger: Hmmm, thats what I was doing. Keep getting a #object[cljs.core.async.impl.channels.ManyToManyChannel back though. I’ll dig my code out to show you, give me a second.


@nberger: Using this in the REPL. The POST is successful, it reaches my Clojure backend and writes record to DB.

(go (let [response (<! (http/post "" {:form-params emp}))
          status (:status response)]
      (println status)))


@nberger: Forget that. I’m being a complete idiot. That is what I see in the REPL. But of course the println is sending the message to the browser console and there I’m seeing the correct status being printed. embarrassed :face_with_rolling_eyes:


@simax99: nobody's judging you 😃


haha, yeh I know. Just feel dumb. One of those days…. simple_smile


Cool @simax99! Yeah don't worry, we all have many of those days :)


Have folks tried some adaptive image framework on cljs? I see but it has php in it 😞


I would like to make svg graphics in ClojureScript but I don't know where to begin. I thought maybe with Snap.svg but I don't understand externing at all. I am not a web developer.


I'm after generative vector art so I can cut vinyl and do sandblasting tricks at my makerspace. Am I barking up the wrong tree?


@mathpunk: try asking in #C066TDGGL or #C0F0V8DT5 — should be easy to get good advice there (although not as much on a weekend).


@eggsyntax: oh cool, thank you!


Haven’t done it myself, btw, but AFAIK, D3 should probably handle that nicely, & it has a cljs wrapper (strokes). Or Processing will do some SVG stuff, is well-suited to generative work, & also has a cljs wrapper (quil). But you’ll probably want advice from someone who’s actually done it in cljs, which isn’t me.


i've been thinking on using something like quil to render some graphs in clojurescript


@eggsyntax Oh, huh. There was a really nice Quil tutorial going around, maybe I'll go with that. I sort of thought that if it was Processing it was Canvas


(I am under the impression that Canvas is a way to draw stuff in browsers and SVG is a different way to draw stuff that may or may not be in browsers.)


You can just use SVG directly as well, like in this example:


@mathpunk I only know that Processing has at least some SVG capabilities. I used to do a ton of Processing stuff, but never used that side of it. But again, you’ll find folks who have much more knowledge about it in those other two channels.


Thanks y'all, I have some much better starting points than I had this morning