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From reduce to reducers to … ? The suspense ist killing me! 😋


Thanks for yesterday’s Episode!


ad hoc: what is the preferred way to consume xml into Clojurescript? (while waiting for “XML! XML! XML!” 😁 )


@mmeix glad to hear you're enjoying the series. It's been a fun one to record.


And for reading xml in cljs, I haven't had to do that myself, but I'd probably start with, looks promising.


Thanks, will try


Specter and similar tools can help if you need to query and/or transform the XML after you read it in


For something a bit lighter than Specter:

Bobby Towers00:12:59

Tubax worked great for me locally but didn't survive deployment. Tried using sax-js directly and also gave up. Then I found "node-xml-lite", which partially works (couldn't read a file, but can pass it a string at least). But wait... there's a cljs port of, so what's the problem? Dunno, but that didn't work for me either. Perhaps I'm missing something really silly. Gonna try this next:

Bobby Towers00:12:41

Like clojure/data/xml.cljs, it uses the browser object's DOMParser.


Oh wow. What happened to Tubax?

Bobby Towers00:12:45

There's an open issue about it not compiling with shadow-cljs, with instructions kindly given to fix it, but I tried it without luck


Ah, interesting. Thanks for passing along that info.

Bobby Towers00:12:18

Thanks for the inspiration! My favorite part of working with XML is making it not-XML


Hahaha. So true. Can't wait to make it "just data".


meander looks really interesting …

Bobby Towers11:12:42

Yes, I've been wanting to find some excuse to use that for awhile...


I see possibilities to use this in transforming (internal) music structures