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@nate @neumann Hi! I like your podcast. It's nice to follow along in the thought processes--that's often missed in blogs etc. A comment on the last episode; you said you couldn't avoid using lazy-seq. You can use iterate though, like (->> lines (iterate rest) (take-while seq) (map parse-next) (filter some?)).


@lodin.johan Welcome! Glad to have you here!


@lodin.johan Thank for the feedback. I'll have to try that out. I haven't used iterate like that before.


That looks pretty nifty!


@neumann Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty useful. I've used it when I needed the function to "consume" the sequence as well. In that case I iterate over [nil lines] with (fn [[_ lines]] (when (seq lines) (f lines))) where f should return [thing remaining-lines]. (`f` should return [nil (rest lines)] if it "does nothing" instead of nil.)