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Sandra Wichtrup06:05:42

@skardan For those who have been quick and entered eventbrite waitinglist - still a chance!🤞 We are clarifying last things and you will be informed latest tmorrow! Unfortunately we can not reopen it, since almost no one has returned their tickets.

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@UQ5U3KAHK Yes! 🥳 Looking forward to Berlin. Thank you and your team for organizing :clojureD. And especially for putting additional effort to ensure that even folks (who forget to buy ticket on time) can go. Thanks!

Sandra Wichtrup06:05:42

Dearest Community, only 11 days to go and we are working hard on details for :clojureD 2022 and are already very excited see all again so soon! Thank you so much @plexus for supporting us with your info posts! <3 Ticket info: Since almost no one has returned their tickets, we are really fully booked and can't reopen the waiting list and no ticket sale on site, we're very sorry! Video recordings: Talks and lightning talks will be recorded and published later on our Workshops will not be recorded in full length, but we will take some pictures and may record some impressions for a little extra video "This was fun @:clojureD 2022" documenting the atmopshere etc. Hotel / hostel recommendations: Speakers and team will stay here Alternatives in the neighborhood Activities: A nice museum for computergames: Museum for Modern Art - Berlinische Galerie On sunday 12 June there will be a nice, traditional flea market with nice atmopshere right in Kreuzberg at the waterside - Maybachufer, 12047 Berlin - (website german only, sorry) A former amusement park and a "lost place" for years, is now open again for tours See you all soon!

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Oh wow you can finally visit the Spreepark again! This place has a fascinating history, including attempted cocaine smuggle in one of the rides. Seems it's only on weekends and holidays, maybe a nice day-after excursion.


I'm unfortunately unable to attend, so I have one ticket for sale if anyone's interested. EDIT: Refunded


I know @U0EKLAMGW would love to have it


nevermind, he's already got one…


@U5JGH2F89 If it's a regular ticket, you can just ask for a refund. Your ticket will then be used for the waiting list.


According to the site, the deadline for refunds was 19.5. Is it still possible to do?


Just give it a try using the refund link of the ticket.

Björn Ebbinghaus19:05:12

Hm… How does the waiting list work? I entered the list seconds after it opened, but now it is so late that I can‘t attend either. Is it possible to leave the list?


@U4VT24ZM3 Yes, I can remove you from the list. Sorry for being too late. :white_frowning_face:


I didn’t realise tickets were so scarce 😞 I have a spot for the ClojureDart Workshop but not for the conference 🙈 Does anyone know how to get another ticket, or whether there will be another batch? 😕 Got a ticket ☺️