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yes either will work. I would strongly prefer Tegel though (closer to the city centre and in general more convenient and nicer IMHO)


Is there a point to point web service which tells you how to get from point A to point B with public transportation? There are so many places I want to visit but have no idea how to get there.


@artur Google maps is obviously good and knows about public transport. Also, has a planner. If you are on Android, I suggest installing "Öffi" which is what I use everyday.


What about the accommodation? Do you have any recommendations? Thanks


Yeah Google maps is working very very well. Has real-time public transport data and it is easy to get directions to places (e.g. Berghain or whether you are looking for ;)


@dotemacs my colleagues at work often stay in the Eurostars and NH hotels which are very close. I don't know them myself and neither the pricing.


I'm staying at Hotel AMANO Grand Central which is pretty close


I'm thinking of organizing an informal get-together for clojureD attendees on Friday the 24th


From what I've heard nothing is planned formally so I thought people might like an occasion to hang out the day before


I know a place in Mitte that could work as a location but if anyone knows a great bar (or informal restaurant), let me know. It should accommodate 30+ people, not too loud or smoky, and allow reservations on a Friday night.


Also would it make sense to announce this through some sort of official channel?