# clojured

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darnok 11:18:04

Hi. Does anyone know, if there is a schedule for ClojureD conference?
I thought, I've seen a schedule on the but I can't find it know.

martinklepsch 11:29:40

@darnok: there's no schedule yet but it will be announced very soon I believe

darnok 11:30:17

Thanks Martin.

thomas 11:34:44

cool. looking forward to it.. booked my flight and room this weekend. So I'm almost ready to go.

nblumoe 13:10:39

@darnok we don't have the full schedule yet. However, the program is already here:

darnok 13:13:08

Thanks a lot :simple_smile:. I remember that I've seen that, but I don't know, why I couldn't find it :simple_smile:.

thomas 17:33:11

@nblumoe: looks really good. thank you for putting this together!

nblumoe 17:59:02

thanks. kudos ping for @martinklepsch @ska and Stefan Edlich, too! :+1:

thomas 18:16:49

thank you guys!