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demonstrate that you are a Good Company To Work For. I've spoken to several Rails Girls/ClojureBridge alumni who are starting to make their way into the industry. They all complain about the same things. Lack of junior positions with proper support and mentoring, workplace sexism and lack of diversity. The sad truth is that while we're addressing the pipeline, that doesn't magically change the industry. It's heartbreaking to see these highly motivated women hit that wall one or two years into their journey.


A few companies are setting an amazing example (cough Travis CI cough), with highly diverse team, and a real commitment and long term vision of hiring juniors and helping them grow. At many more places it's business as usual though. I think if it's clear your company takes these things seriously, then you should have no problem appealing to ClojureBridge alumni, and organizers will happily pass on the reference.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:05:10

Excellent summary - I have heard some of the same


Thanks, @plexus, that's a really good summary of the things I have heard (and seen myself), as well. I would also add that there are quite a few senior women who have come into the industry through traditional means who have already left or are currently getting pushed away for many of the same reasons.


I feel like the positive action to take at this point is to put some time and attention into working on our workplace cultures so they are inclusive, positive, supportive places.