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Josh Horwitz04:02:44

Looking to help in anyway I can!


There are lots of options, joshua.d.horwitz. 1) Organize a workshop 2) Work on curriculum 3) Help with organizing materials. I'm not aware of what the most pressing needs are right now, but I could probably help direct you according to your interest if you'd like.


There is also a Donate button on the ClojureBridge web site now simple_smile

Josh Horwitz19:02:44

@bridgetI would love to help with the materials. I am also going to give a presentation to my class about ClojureBridge and was wondering if there were any good materials to read and use.


The ClojureBridge repo is filled with great stuff


A few people have done talks, so if you search for ClojureBridge, you should find them


Would you like to help with Organizing or Curriculum materials?


simple_smile Which one?

Josh Horwitz19:02:04

Curriculum materials probably would be best.


Great! So there are a number of issues, many of which have been triaged:

Josh Horwitz19:02:50

Thanks, I’ll get working


Working through the curriculum and copy editing, etc is always useful. Also, they are always open to receiving new Quil sketches along with instructions or other exercises.


Maybe someone who is actively working on the curriculum will drop by here and have pointers to what is the highest priority.


But I bet you'll have the most luck with whatever you're most interested in

Josh Horwitz19:02:55

Great. Do you guys have any presence in Detroit, Michigan at all?


My friend Josh Headapohl ran a workshop a while back

Josh Horwitz19:02:38

Oh great! I’m in Ann Arbor


We should connect you two - he would probably help out somehow if you wanted to put one on there.

Josh Horwitz20:02:49

That would be awesome


I have created a ClojureBridge group on Braid. Any member may join. Would prefer to begin with the leaders and promote them to admins so they can control invitations and membership.


@joshua.d.horwitz: I’m the Josh who co-organized a workshop in Detroit. FarmLogs is in Ann Arbor and some people there have expressed interest in hosting a workshop but I have not talked to them in a while.

Josh Horwitz20:02:35

Hi Josh, nice to meet you! Yeah, I’ve heard that they are a pretty cool Clojure shop

Josh Horwitz20:02:47

hopefully I’ll get a chance to do Clojure professionally sometime


Nice to meet you too. They seem like a nice group. And there seem to be a growing number of businesses using Clojure. simple_smile

Josh Horwitz20:02:52

Well I look forward to moving out from the Java world to using it professionally.

Josh Horwitz21:02:16

@jheadapohl: Where abouts are you?


Bloomfield Township