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Just saw with-bindings , what’s the use of that compare to binding ?


it is more dynamic. you can just supply a map with bindings, it doesn't have to be fixed like the binding vector


That’s what the doc says, but feeling like normally people only use binding. Haven’t seen a scenario of with-bindings.


well, for most cases you use binding yes. sometimes you just need something more dynamic. pretty sure nrepl uses with-binding in some place


is there a spec for data representation of specs?!


will there ever be an algebra of specs?


I’m wanting to benchmark namespace compile time. I seem to remember there being a way to get per-namespace compile times logged but can’t remember if that was stock or with a forked compiler. Does anyone have any tips? I’m thinking I might need to fork the compiler to add some timing statements.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:07:53

You would need to modify the compiler for that. I've done so in the past, not sure I could lay hands on it though without some hunting


No worries, I can figure it out 🙂


There's the :verbose option to require that you might be thinking of


Ah yeah that is handy too thanks

respatialized22:07:42 Would calling this from a REPL suffice? It seems like it would not be super granular and only offer timing about the ns as a whole. A REPL context may presume too much is already loaded, as well, so I'm not sure how that will affect compilation times if you want a representation of 'cold start' compilation.