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Stel Abrego18:04:46

Hey y'all, I fixed a little in and I'd like to submit the patch upstream. How do I go about this? It looks like I can't interact with the Clojure Jira without authorization. I just signed the CLA which btw had a weird bug in Firefox/Chromium where I couldn't get text input to the "Name" field so I had to use devtools to fill it in.

Noah Bogart18:04:16

Maybe post in #clojure-dev? @U064X3EF3 will know more about the CLA

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:04:18

The name field gets filled automatically when you enter it at the end


(defn foo
  ([^Integer x] 5)
  ([^String x] "meh"))
> Can’t have 2 overloads with same arity
(defn date-range [^LocalDateTime start-date-inclusive ^LocalDateTime end-date-inclusive period]
doesn’t throw exception when (date-range 1 1 :month) I could swear it was working differently in the past. Am I right?


Type hints are used by the compiler to place casts and resolve interop ambiguity, if you don't have any interop they don't do anything


wow it can be beginning of some mind issue. I was sure it was throwing exception 😉