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I'm running Intellij Idea #IC-213.5744.223 on Apple M1 Silicon. Everything seems to run in Arm64 mode, except for when I'm inside an Intellij terminal. If I run something like lein repl or test-refresh from within that terminal it starts as a rather slow x86 process instead of Arm64. Any idea what might be causing this? Running the exact same command on the same project in a regular iterm2 window starts as arm64.


Long time ago since I did any Java… It impairs my Java interop skills as well. 😃 I have this

package pez;

public class HelloWorld {
    public HelloWorld() {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello, World!"); 

    public static String foo() {
        return "foo";

    public String bar() {
        return "bar";
I can import it in a Clojure file but can’t figure out how to use it:
(HelloWorld.) => Syntax error (IllegalArgumentException) compiling new at (src/pez/java_test/java_hello.clj:5:9). No matching ctor found for class pez.HelloWorld
(HelloWorld/foo) => Syntax error (NoSuchFieldException) compiling . at (src/pez/java_test/java_hello.clj:6:3). foo
What am I not getting?

Linus Ericsson14:12:38

A static method should be called with the class (not an instance of the class). (pez.HelloWorld/foo) should return "foo"

Linus Ericsson14:12:20

the instance method bar should work with (.bar (pez.HelloWorld.)) => "bar"

Linus Ericsson14:12:20

also, the HelloWorld.class file can be of an old version in the /target if you have made changes to it.


I am calling foo statically there, ain’t I? I am importing this using (:import [pez HelloWorld])

Linus Ericsson14:12:15

seems right. is the class-file freshly and correctly compiled?

Linus Ericsson14:12:49

and does the (.bar ...) thing work?


It compiles without complaints. Don’t see any target directory, though. Nor any .cpcache...


(.bar …) doesn’t work, because (HelloWorld.) doesn’t work.


Restarting the repl helped. Now it works.

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I wonder how I could refresh that class w/o such a brute method…


It’s a deps.edn project.

Linus Ericsson14:12:27

I think Java is not able to reload classes once they are loaded. It could be possible to create a new class-loader (clojure does a lot of class-loader related things under the hood).

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Actually I could (ns-unmap ' 'pez.HelloWorld), then import again.


No, I was too quick to conclude. It imported the old definition. ¯\(ツ)

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