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If I create a lazy sequence in one thread (A) and pass it to another (B) which iterates over it, can I assume the computation will happen on thread B?


It’s cached and used from both so it depends


If A is not iterating, then yes it’s in B


Just what I wanted to know. Thanks 🙂


The thread that needs an unrealized value will be the one to realize it


Which also means, be careful with your dynamic variables, because they might not be there when the value is realized (this used to bite me when I was beginning to write Clojure, coming from Common Lisp).


how do you guys do event streaming for Datomic? I just want a web app that displays live data changes with reagent


they don’t seem to fire events, it’s more like a on-request if I’m understanding this correctly. So I guess I’m supposed to notify some thing that the log has changed and I should update some log cache?


In my previous post I didn't really find the thing I had in mind (that I vaguely remembered) it's the transaction report queue. Seems like this app would map quite well to your original intent (given the frontend focus):


thanks, that seems to be what I had in mind as well


Hello, does anyone happen to have a snippet or something to easily generate mac addresses as strings ?