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Yeah, I noticed that one after I wrote the message above. The others I mentioned are actually used in the clojure.core namespace implementation, unlike that one, but that is a fine distinction this many years later.


I am hand-waving here to guess that if it is used in clojure.core itself, and not made private (there are some private things in there), Rich probably thought about it at least a couple of minutes. If it is used in Clojure outside of clojure.core, but not in clojure.core, their cool take on maintaining backwards compatibility means it isn't going away, but maybe wouldn't be made public if they did it over from scratch.


That's just me yelling from the cheap seats, though 🙂


My feeling is that first/`next` are "primitives" and so it's sort of expected that we might get all the combinations of them (ff, fn, nf, nn). second is just syntactic sugar for fnext because it's easier to remember perhaps, but second is not a primitive.


Good morning (or whatever it is for you). I’m using clj-http to interact with the Stripe payment provider API. The API requires form-urlencoded data. It requires a map in an vector. I need to send tax_id_data[0][type]=vat_eu, but clj-http encodes it as tax_id_data[0]={\"type\": \"vat_eu\"}, that is, it drops the nested map in the form-urlencoded data as JSON. I’ve tried to :multi-param-style unset (default), with :array and :indexed, but without success When using nested maps (without the vector) it works fine. Any ideas how to do this?


Figured it out. I need to use nested maps with a "0" as the key instead of a vector or list.

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Does anyone have experience with making a Nix derivation for a Clojure project? Leiningen seems to want write access to $HOME, as well as can't download dependencies in the build environment.


Hi. Anyone have any clue what might be causing this compilation error: interface my.package.EngineConfigPath is not a protocol I used to have it working before, but I moved the defprotocol form to another namespace.


You are importing the interface generated for the protocol instead of using the protocol


Don't import with protocols, import is for interop, require and refer to the clojure name

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Hi everyone! I'm thinking of a project in full stack Clojure (Script) and am looking for collaborators. It can be best described as a visual coding tool, in the likes of and focused on developing mobile apps. If you or someone you know is interested let me know. Might be worth mentioning that the implementation is focused on Flutter, the mobile framework. This means that Dart, the programming language will also be used, so you or your friends interested in it are welcome to get in touch as well. I'm <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


Woooo… @borkdude, are you inching into getting 4clojure up to date and/or inspiring folks to pitch in?


I'm not affiliated with 4clojure, the website, just showing that you can do a similar thing with sci now 😉




4clojure is dead to me, because of latin square slicing.


(I'm convinced there is no possible solution)


what is that?


problem #152?


yes, that. I optimized the ever loving heck out of it, but no pass.


It is my only unsolved problem.


I just created a 4clojure account. I had been delaying because of the out-of-date clojure issue, but I’m sure the exercises are still good.


So I have a bit of catching up to do. simple_smile


well, that’s pretty awesome @eraserhd! You have solved 155 more than me!


Are there MongoDB / Monger experts here? I am trying to filter an array field (which contains a timeseries) by date range. But I am getting this error: Execution error (NoClassDefFoundError) at monger.collection/aggregate (collection.clj:550). monger/collection$aggregate$fn__10899