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Does it not work to simply give "sudo" as the first argument string?


oh, but then it may or may not prompt you for a password.

Benny kach05:08:20

Is there any struggling updating Clojure 1.8 to 1.10, something that i need to be aware of or maybe some conclusions about the process from someone who did it?


I believe it was Clojure 1.9 that introduced more strict checking of ns and a few other forms, which could mean correcting those in your code, or sometimes bumping up the versions of dependencies you use to versions that fixed those problems, usually very near the time Clojure 1.9 was released.


Except for that, Clojure tends to be very additive in features, never taking things away.


(or at least very very rarely) across Clojure versions, I mean.

Benny kach05:08:53

Great. I updated to 1.10 in all of our services and only those ns problem popped out and i solved them. I was surprised because i thought it will go much harder, so just wanted to ask maybe i missed something that will be discovered in run time. But all the tests are green now so i guess im good. Thanks a lot! @andy.fingerhut


Were there any discussions about the future for Clojure libs created and maintained by Anthony Grimes? His sudden, tragic and unexpected death left so many good orphaned libs. We as a community should take care of them, right?


I am not aware of such discussions, but at least for individual libraries I am sure there were. For example the fs library is under the clj-commons group of projects now:


Also we as a community is a collection of individuals, making individual decisions. If you find a library that you find useful, and you see improvements that can be made to it, go for it.


Always helpful to find others who can help with that task, too, of course, especially if they have already started.


It does seem like it would be a nice idea if it were possible to get permission to update the status of some of those Github projects to 'archived', after adding a link to some page editable by others for where to find the latest maintained version of the library.