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When making changes to my project such as adding a dependency, is there a quicker way to restart from within emacs? I’m starting my development using cider-jack-in-cljs, at the moment when I change something in the project I have to find the repl buffers, kill them then jack in again.


nowadays I use sesman-restart


A rather long time ago I used to use cljr-add-project-dependency which was nice and didn't require repl restart; it's been broken for a long time, imho (don't have the latest cider release though) - and probably worked only for clojure


@matt.henley possibly #cider might get you more help on this?


@sogaiu Thanks, I’ll check that channel out. I just found I can run cider-quit without having to find the buffers and kill them myself so this is much faster than my previous approach 🙂


ah, nice to have found something that helps 🙂

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On mobile but there used to be a (cider-restart). I think it’s still around