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@dominicm: Aha! That’s more what I was looking for. That led me to Clairvoyant ( and then re-frame-tracer ( Thanks for the tip!


Hey all. I was wondering if anyone here has used ?


I am very comfortable with pedestal server but I’m starting a new project and was wondering if aleph was worth checking out


How to create my own generator in clojure.spec? I have (s/def ::nip (s/conformer nip?)) and it work grate. Also i wrote (defn gen-nip [] …) but how to attach this gen-nip to ::nip spec?


@petr - I have, and I prefer it to core.async


and whatever other rxjava wrappers there are


Aleph is splendiferous. The "Deferred" abstraction really hits the spot. Aleph is not crucially macro-based, so it frees you of the complications of the abstruse "go" environment. But -- when you want it -- Aleph has an amazing "let-flow" macro that looks like "let" but if any of the bindings is a Deferred, it suspends any subsequent steps that need it until it's been realized. Aleph is a great way to write clear, obvious async code without a lot of rigmarole.


worth noting that what @phill said refers to Manifold, not Aleph. Aleph is a network layer built using Netty and the Manifold abstractions.