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I am getting a joplin error: Could not find environment ':sqlite-dev-env' in a project I have exactly like this on a different machine where it works. Here is the project file: I am really stuck right now and cannot imagine why it work on one machine but not the other, most things being equal


@sveri: is it an uberjar?


@timgilbert: You should be able to use checkout deps with Cursive fine. There’s a bug report about CLJS completion being duplicated if you have two CLJS modules, I haven’t had time to look at it and it sounds like it shouldn’t affect you anyway.


@sveri do you have a profiles.clj defining a :dev profile in one machine but not in the other? That would explain the issue


@emil0r @nberger turns out it is a problem with Krönungen. I opened a defect for it:


@sveri: ok. If I get to find something about the issue I'll chime in there


@nberger: ok, thank you very much simple_smile


if someone is looking for a challenge or could point me to some resources, help would be much appreciated: