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mogge 😼

Jordan Robinson10:05:15

Random question, do many people use parinfer? I've been happily using it for years now but someone mentioned to me yesterday that the repository is archived and mentions it's just a proof of concept in the github, which was making me wonder about if I should swap to paredit


I use parinfer-rust for vim


I notice that the author's twitter account and pateron page no longer exist too


(Shaun LeBron)

Jordan Robinson10:05:44

yeah that's what I saw yesterday, I use it in cursive and I'm very happy with it, but surprised it's been archived etc


He's still about, since there are recent commits to


Do people use the original implementation? Also there's a tendency in this ecosystem to write libraries that can be "done", which to be honest I like 😃

Jordan Robinson14:05:37

oh I agree, I much prefer stable libraries that are considered finished, but it just struck me as odd that it still mentioned it was a proof of concept etc on there. I think the algorithm from there is used in the implementation of the editor plugins though


@me1763 I used to use Parinfer a lot but I eventually just stopped and went back to Paredit on its own. I got frustrated with multi-line pastes getting their structure messed up with Parinfer unless I always remembered to switch modes.

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pez has poured a lot of time and effort into implementing a Parinfer mode in Calva and I think he finally concluded it just wasn't possible to make it work in the context of how VS Code does things, so I suspect Parinfer is going to be more usable/successful in some editors rather than others...?


I've had issues with things like git, but broadly it's my default in cursive... To clarify git conflicts for example break parinfer which is really irritating 😃...