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Speaking of art, I am a big fan of Tyler Hobbs ( - generative artist using Clojure ( Until recently, he wasn’t that successful and his art wasn’t that much in demand. Which is a shame as he is a great example of using Clojure for something that isn’t a webapp or ETL script. Now, he is in a project to release some NFTs ( and buying them is a way of supporting an artist you might like. That’s it. If you ask me, NFTs are probably miserable investment and 99% of them will never sell for more than the first buyer pays. But it is an additional source of income to artists, who are often struggling financially. I would rather seen an artist improving his/her income through a free market and voluntary supporters than through for example subsidies. And why wouldn’t they use the opportunity to earn more? Of course, NFTs don’t add anything special (I own zero NFTs and I don’t plan to buy any) but artists earn more thanks to it.

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Oh no! I hope he recovers.


the danger of categories 😄

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lol you all know what I mean




Nice, Finally Thursday