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Good Morning!


Morning! An open question for those who don’t mind: what factors matter most to you when searching for Clojure jobs? (Asking for selfish reasons: we’re hiring and would like to be as good as possible. Asking in #clojure-uk and not generally because I expect cultural differences e.g. health insurance is less important here.)


I’d say culture, purpose (no Daily Mail jobs), tech stack. Pay, pension / healthcare etc are important but they’re more a yah / nah filter for me rather than something that would attract me specifically.

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I'd be keen to know how open the company/team is to technical improvement. Granularity ranges from the small (cleaning up isolated items of technical debt) to the large (improving tech stack, adopting better tools and techniques). I worked for a company that had spells of "product crank" which felt like there was too much focus on product features to the detriment of engineering quality and developer morale.

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For me (as a filthy mercenary contractor), the order goes something like: is this a company I would be ashamed to say I work for (e.g. gambling, NFTs), how much £££ overall including pension (equity I would value at £0 unless it's a public company) - the job ad should have at least a salary range, 'depending on experience' doesn't count, what is the tech stack, is it remote, do they mandate a particular way of working I wouldn't be interested in (everyone pairs 100% of the time, you have to write all your code in Notepad, whatever), is it actually interesting work. Anything more than that is difficult to get across in a job ad so I'd probe at interview.

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Thanks for the replies!