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Did everyone have a nice Bank Holiday weekend?


I got some sun


we went to a local county fair, bought a £4 bubble wand thingie for kid, got home, broke within minutes.


typical bank holiday...

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Jakob Durstberger07:06:48

Morning 👋 Had a few friends over on Sunday (following COVID restrictions of course) and went for some nice food and a walk in the park yesterday. So pretty neat 🙂


It was amazing how the weather improved just in time for it. I achieved my traditional slight sun burn, spending a few hours in the garden yesterday. 43 years old, when will I learn?


same here, but I am 5 years younger, so now you tell me I will not learn not even in 5 years? 😄


Haha, maybe there’s an inflection point. Maybe I’d have remembered this year due to increased experience, but I’m now forgetting due to my senior years 😉


Just filling me with confidence 😄


Age 36, I think I've finally learnt (famous last words)


Hey UK Clojurians! I'm going to move to the UK during Q3 (or Q4 at the very latest) and would like to continue working with Clojure. I've been snooping and gathering postings online (linkedin, indeed,, hackernews, #jobs & #remote-jobs), but I don't have professional connections to the UK. Word of mouth and silent information tells bits that public listings don't (or even positions that are not listed online at all), so I was thinking I could find help here. My list of hiring UK companies include (in no order): HealthUnlocked, Flexiana, Juxt, Griffin, WeFarm, Fy!, Medidata, Eva Health Technologies, StatsBomb, MyPulse, Kleene, Metabase, Kroo, Droit. A couple more are through recruiting agencies that do not give out the client name publicly. I'm haven't sent out applications yet, so I'll spare the story and details about myself here, unless anyone wants to know. To help target suggestions, here are my boundaries: remote (within UK) only & must be able to sponsor skilled worker visa. If you feel shy or have tips on previous employers as well, shoot me a dm. Any comments on good/bad/missing employers are welcome!


We’re also hiring clojure/clojurescript developers by the way:


Sounds good, I'll definitely add you to my bookmarks 🙂


I am curious if anyone does contracting, what were the projects that paid out in the longer/shortest period of time from first contact?


30 days payment terms are fairly common in my experience, so that would be ~2 months from starting work. I have had invoices paid at the end of the month's work by some clients, though.

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We pay people 1st or 2nd of the month just after it is finished. And when needed, we can pay multiple times per month.

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+1 for what conor said