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Good Morning!

Luis Thiam-Nye07:04:44

Good Morning™


Morning morning


Mornin' All 🙂


this should be called the morning channel 😄


Good afternoon 😁


I've bought my :clojureD ticket!


looking forward to it


Does anyone here have uk ltd? I am asking because I am unsure how to solve the accounting part if I end up starting one. These online apps look very impersonal and I am not sure I could ask questions from them. (e.g. Monzo Bank's app is great but as a bank I wouldn't suggest them to anyone, they have a one size fits all solution for everything it seems)


Yes, feel free to ask here (or PM if you prefer)


Thanks, I have nothing to hide but I am new even in the UK (only 3 years living here), so I am not even sure about the etiquette, please tell me if I step on metaphorical toes. Basically two questions. One is about costs, that is how much is it to have proper accounting, is it a flat rate or is it something that will grow in time for on reason or another? And what can I reasonably expect from the accountants, if I want advice on how to do my accounting or anything related?


I pay a flat rate per month for my accountants, I'm happy enough with the job they do. In terms of advice, they will generally set up a company for you, do your self assessment tax return, give you advice about the finer points of things you're allowed to do or claim as a director/how much you should pay yourself/that sort of thing


You should probably expect to pay in the region of £100 per month, you will probably find firms that are cheaper or more expensive


That sounds good, thank you. I guess it's probably best if I find someone who has similar clients?


There are plenty of accountants who specialise in software contractors


If you want a referral to the one I use (Gorilla), you may (?) get money off, not sure. Another one I know friends of mine use without having complained about it to me is Crunch


Thank you, I will read up on them. Feel free to share referral link 🙂 Although this might make sense in pm, not sure.


When I was a contractor, I used Nixon Williams, very good accountants.