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Good Morning!


Longshot but, is there somebody here living (or has lived) in Gibraltar?


I have been there for 7 weeks this spring and a friend of mine have lived there for a couple of years.


How was your stay in Gibraltar? Was it for work or just doing the digital nomad thing?


I loved it. When my kids will go to some secondary school, me and my wife will relocate there.


We have been there during the first UK lockdown. In the beginning, we wanted to stay just for 4 weeks but in the UK the situation was getting worse and worse, while on Gib, there were almost no cases, no deaths, so we have prolonged our stay until kids have returned to school.


sounds brilliant! Thanks for the tip, I might give a try.. 🙂


as soon as things open up of course


Now, when there’s almost no tourism, is the best time. Otherwise, Gib will be very expensive for a tourist. For living, it’s still cheaper than the UK (depends on place of course).


I see that Java 16 is now out


and with it, this the default value of the launcher option --illegal-access is now deny rather than permit.


As a consequence, existing code that uses most internal classes, methods, or fields of the JDK will fail to run.


You're going down for illegal access, perp. You'll be doing 25 to life in a supermax before you can say Oracle.

🧑‍⚖️ 3

just loaded our prod system with --illegal-access=warn and found a couple of SAX and X.509 accesses in clojure-1.10.1 which will presumably be fixed soon (if they aren't already fixed in 1.10.3) and then a couple in netty which are perhaps a bit more troublesome - especially if it's the netty i'm getting through yada/aleph


Yeah, it's mostly the 3rd party libraries that will be at issue here.


Maybe they'll be a few years....


there will presumably still be the --illegal-access=permit get-out-of-prison card to play ?


Indeed, although the window for that being allowed becomes shorter each year


With this change, the default value of the launcher option --illegal-access is now deny rather than permit. As a consequence, existing code that uses most internal classes, methods, or fields of the JDK will fail to run. Such code can be made to run on JDK 16 by specifying --illegal-access=permit. That option will, however, be removed in a future release.


well hopefully we'll have moved off of aleph by the time that day comes around 😅


Has anyone here in the UK had their company sign a waiver to say that whatever software they do out-of-hours (like helping to support OS software, or writing their own stuff) does not belong to the company?)

Hugh Powell23:03:22

I haven't got them to sign a waiver, but have asked them to remove those clauses in the contracts I've signed (which they've mostly done). I'm not a lawyer so not sure if that is sufficient.


sounds good!


iirc i've got people to do that in the past or just get it in writing in an email


their position would i don't think be tenable legally anyway cos if it's not related to their business then copyright is very strong in the uk in favour of the original creator's moral rights, you really do have to explicitly sign it away


i write words for money as well so i tend to have to balance this across multiple clients at once and the blanket assumption you see in dev contracts is so different for how specifically worded transfer of copyright etc is worded for example in a contract you make with a publisher


for some at invoice time, per piece of work you have to confirm that you sign it over


so if you're working on software that's in a different area (so it's out of bounds for a no-compete claim) you're likely totally scot-free


like i say, always worth explaining your position and getting an exemption or something in writing anyway :)


never had an employer be arsey about it tbh, other than a big big big company, and that's just cos they couldn't change standard contract for any reason, so i figured they were honestly too much of a dinosaur to even clock what one employee does


I'm looking to see if there is a boilerplate waiver I can reuse.