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Good Morning


Morning All - how is everyone doing today?


Well enough 😃... I've not been drinking coffee since Christmas, so it's been weird few weeks...


OMG, are you ok?


I genuinely cannot imagine what that would be like!


I certainly wouldn’t be looking like this ➡️ 😄 if I hadn’t had a coffee in the morning 😆


I hear ya! Coffee is basically the only thing that keeps my foetid carcass moving before 1100h


I reduced my coffee intake from mid-lockdown


I used to drink about 5-6 big cups a day


now I'm down to 1, maybe 2.


It was easier when working at an office. You would wander up to the kitchen, others would be there, make a coffee, have a chat. wander down, bash away at the keys for a little while, look up, see people in the kitchen, wander up...wash, rinse repeat.


Now, at home. Just me (and my very significant other). So one in the morning, and maybe one at 3


Does anyone here know much about riak?


not a lot... i looked at it a few years ago when i was looking at AP datastores and the impression that remains is that it was quite similar to cassandra - but cassandra won me over for reasons i can't recall


Interesting I’m not particularly familiar with either but I didn’t think they were similar… I’m asking about Riak, mainly because I heard that they’re a distributed database based on CRDT’s… and whilst I could use a 3rd party lib to provide the CRDT algorithms most of the implementations are on the hobbyist end; rather than the production side of things. Also it seems some of the best implementations e.g. automerge, are in languages I’d rather not use… so one option might be to use something like Riak… Another question I had was if anyone knew of any CRDT’s that were packaged as a kind of embedded distributed database; something that would handle local storage, but also syncing to my own network topology etc


ooo - a CRDT implementation in the db sounds like a good thing


👌 my thoughts exactly


the ring and node/partition models are very similar btw cassandra and riak iirc - both lifted from dynamo probably - things start to diverge when you get to the details of what's stored against a key


yeah it’s impossible to keep track of databases these days, as they all steal ideas from each other and package them differently


my recollection is that riak's conflict resolution wasn't as straightforward as cassandra's (5 years ago) but if they now have CRDTs then they've got a good solution to that for those CRDT cases


Regarding CRDT/DB’s though they get quite interesting, because the CRDT could just be completely hidden in the DB… in which case it would essentially just provide you masterless replication etc… other than that a pretty traditional model. However if you embrace the CRDT fully you can distribute the DB entirely across clients; so no server at all. Or you can do any amount of hybrid models e.g. where you work off line but sync to a hub etc


yeah, that JSON CRDT looks particularly interesting


yeah automerge is cool


also RON, GUN etc


some new reading for me there 🙂


hehe well if you discover any answers, or have any ideas relating to my question, or decide to do a serious implementation of CRDT as a DB in clj(c) please keep me posted 🙂


This looks to be the biggest clj effort btw:


Lockdown caused me to start drinking coffee again. I had gone completely cold turkey for a number of months and the lockdown happened and my body decided that it would have zero energy, zero motivation and zero ability to get stuff done. Going back up to three cups a day (or so) has caused me to be vaguely human again.


I can certainly relate, but honestly this has been my basic requirement for life for 25+ years… Giving up smoking a few years ago got me to a point where coffee became even more fundamentally required, but I am aware that an amount of that desperation must be psychosomotaic.

Brandon Stubbs11:01:25

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@rickmoynihan - Sorry, never done anything with Riak 😞


no coffee in the afternoon has been my mantra for a couple of years now

Jordan Robinson11:01:15

I quit entirely about a year and a half ago, maybe a bit longer now

Jordan Robinson11:01:25

I find I sleep a lot better but mornings are definitely more difficult


I really cannot imagine life without coffee, but I am genuinely happy for you to have been able to free yourself from it, @me1763, as it would appear you have found a very worthwhile benefit vis à vis sleep. I’ve always had a troubled relationship with sleep, but whether I drink coffee or not - believe it or not I do have coffee free days, though they are never work days, and even then I may sleep well or badly, but I am aware of my issues with sleep and what is “really going on” so this is by no means a derailment of your success 🙂

Jordan Robinson12:01:11

I wouldn't have taken it as such anyway 🙂


@maleghast it's reasonable, there's a bit of a weird feeling now and again where I'm trying to work out whether I'm tired or not? The really strange thing is that slowly over time my sense of energy seems to be shifting to a different place. I'm still relatively certain that I'll drink coffee again, but at the same time I'm really curious to see what happens after this stabilises? It's become an almost weird experiment about where the normal is. That's probably the best explanation I could give. Ultimately I decided to try it because I didn't have to work during the Christmas break and I really was curious to see what would happen =)...


@dharrigan Ok, I've never gone higher than 3 cups in a day, which might have made this easier for me 😃...


i didn't do coffee for a couple of years once... when i broke that fast it was quite extraordinary. i'm back on the treadmill now though, and if i stop i'll be getting the headaches for a couple of days


craigo's crackhäus coffee™


One of the reasons that I gave up coffee last year was in order to help me sleep better. My personal experience was the opposite: I found myself sleeping far worse. Going back on to the coffee didn’t worsen my sleep in any way (I only drink coffee up to lunchtime though).


Re sleep, that's been a bit of a shift, it's now easier to wake up in the mornings, because it's easier to get to sleep at night. Not yet certain that's because of the coffee directly however, I'm getting hungry earlier, which means dinner now happens around 6-8pm as opposed to 8-10pm, so that could be a confound factor 😃...


sleeping is all about surfing the wave of your 90minute energy lulls


apparently the thing i'm thinking of is an ultradian rhythm


I remember reading about a study that compared the "performance" (whatever that meant) of people who didn't drink coffee vs. people who drank coffee after drinking coffee vs. people who drank coffee, without drinking coffee.


@mccraigmccraig yea, I was worried about headaches, but that didn't happen, ended up with what was close to narcolepsy levels of sleepyness when I hit around 8pm for a week or so after the first 2 weeks? That was weird, just had to get to bed with very little notice...


Group C was miserable, but the interesting thing was that A vs. B was the same... so apparently coffee didn't make you more alert or performant, it just returned you to the baseline (once you were addicted)


I'm not certain it's that clear cut at the moment 😃... Hence wanting a period of stopping completely and seeing if things stabilise before trying something new 😃...


Caffeine withdrawal is really bad


It feels like something is scratching inside your head and you also get really tired


I’d be interested to learn how long it takes caffeine addiction to go away. I was off coffee for 4-5 months and I found that I was just getting worse and worse throughout that period (whereas I was expecting to get better and better).


(I have no idea if what I was experiencing actually was caffeine withdrawal though.)


I thought the worst bits of withdrawal lasted for a couple of weeks!


my experience was 3 days for the headaches to go and a month or so of having to stop myself reaching for the coffee pot, by which time energy levels were feeling "normal" again


which i took to mean 3 days of biochemical withdrawal and a month of behavioural withdrawal/adjustment


i know it enhances physical performance to the extent that it's banned in some sports


I think it's really influenced by your daily intake, mine normal was 1 to 2 cups a day of double expresso with a third much more rarely (once a month or so), but it still took a while before major changes stopped happening, and I'm still not yet certain it's done, my sleep cycle is still shifting a bit...


it's only not banned in many endurance sports because the half life of caffiene is substantial so they'd have to DQ people left right and centre for accidentally having the wrong energy bar, energy drink, having a can of coke with breakfast, etc


It's not quite been a month however 😃


IMHO, we have so little pleasures in life, having a coffee a day is nowt.


Oh, completely agree 😃... Nothing against coffee, I love it, but I thought it would be good to see what it does to me 😃...


Thinking about it, it's because of this: Would recommend a watch if you've not seen it 😃... But I was trying to work out what my theme would be this year and then decided I'd try this as well ^_^...

👍 3

From time to time I'll go a week without drinking anything caffeinated, and don't notice any difference to anything


I don’t struggle with sleep at all, all of my struggles are when I’m awake.

😂 6

My wife thinks it's funny that I can barely make a cup of coffee some mornings -- because I'm not awake enough: I need a coffee in order to master the process of making a coffee. But I only have that one mug, first thing...


Now that I can relate with 😃...