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Good Morning!


Maybe a stupid question, is parliament always so devoid of information or is it a Boris Johnson thing? Some of the questions are fairly specific & interesting, and Boris seems to respond by making digs at the opposing party, followed by patting everyone on the back for their hard work and how wonderful Britain is or something. I'm feeling like watching is a waste of time.


That's been my impression based on very little attempt to watch them. If they have a pre-scripted come back then they use it, otherwise deflect deflect attack deflect.


Depends on what you watch. PMQs has always been mostly like that but other sessions tend to be more informative. That said, Boris' government has been a bit of an outlier in their lack of transparency, inside parliament and out. The way I figure this govt works is that they first deny X in parliament, then leak to the press that they will do X, then do X anyway. Most recently schools closing. They've denied in parliament that they will close schools. Senior govt source leaked that they will close schools. Hancock said that they may close schools. And then Boris' announces it. Very peculiar way of governing but perhaps by leaking it they can see how it plays out with the populace and can always backtrack without losing face.


Bojo and Trump have a lot in common in that respect. Unfortunately.


Hello All 🙂. Happy Christmas, belatedly


It’s been a while since I was doing any coding for myself, and at work we’ve formalised on Leiningen, so I have gotten used to it again, but I am keen to re-explore tools-deps… Anyway, it’s been a while so I am wondering if anyone knows of any updates / developments to the toolchain that make for a similar experience to lein new app [appname] when using tools-deps..?


Sure, there is this


That will work the wizardary for you 🙂


Personally, I just create a new directory, a skeleton deps.edn and away I go...


@dharrigan - Thanks! and thanks @seancorfield 😉


@maleghast Also check out my dot-clojure repo (and @jr0cket’s similar repo, which I link to in the readme there). And when you want to build JAR files, check out depstar too.

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Thx Sean! 🙂