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Maybe. The only experience I have with RPN is some coding dojo, where we were implementing something like Excel and the trick was converting all expressions in cells into RPN before evaluation.


I recently learned that the classic 80s computer game Starflight was written in a strange dialect of Forth. That, for me, is the coolest use of the language and was almost enough to motivate me to learn it.

Ben Hammond09:12:59

IIRC there's really not much to Forth; except that its entirely stack based; you have a very limited number of named variables, all functions expect you to have previously pushed their parameters onto the global stack; from where they will will pop them and then push their results.

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I heard quite a lot about Factor ten years or so ago (I have a vague recollection that Slava Pestov used to hang out on the old Clojure mailing list but might be wrong) and that might be an easier way to get into a stack-based language these days.