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Good Morning!


mogge : 😼


Morn' 😃

Ben Hammond10:12:25

trying to pick the best moment to swap over the battery on my XPS9560 I have a new battery in a cardboard box , that arrived from Germany about a month ago The current battery holds around 40% of maxium charge I suppose in theory I want to put the new one in before the brexit to give me a theoretical time to complain dunno, is the new battery degrading in its cardboad box? I have no idea

Ben Hammond10:12:15

I guess I'm worried that once I remove the old battery, it will start swelling up, in the manner of lithium batteries

Ben Hammond10:12:36

into a kind of a lithium goitre


buy a macbook - bingo - no more worries about battery replacement!

Ben Hammond10:12:20

I've not forgiven them for end-of-lifing my mid 2010 MBP

Ben Hammond10:12:42

which does still reliably play dvds


transcript is there too


They've been a little quiet for a while. Good to see them out and about.