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it was an interesting conversation about the various http server alternatives and the state of aleph and zach. i wonder what is he programming in nowadays... what's your take on pedestal and - in general - interceptors vs middlewares?


I think he's doing scala at Microsoft

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I haven't used Pedestal so I'll be interested to hear people's opinions on that.

Ben Hammond08:07:06

I do like pedestal, its just enough familiarity, coming from a java background

Ben Hammond08:07:03

the aleph deferred/manifold stuff drives me up the wall because effectively every function call runs in its own thread, making stack traces very unhelpful

Ben Hammond08:07:45

I imagine it gets you into the right mindset for hard-core microservices

Ben Hammond08:07:54

perhaps that is what I am resisting


One downside that's bothered me a lot: it's really hard to follow the dynamic stack manipulation that's happening. That's what interceptors essentially are after all. Reifying the stack into your application and allowing you to manipulate it.