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Good Morning!

Ben Hammond16:07:15

hmmm. unsolicited email from wanting to inveigle me away from Keybase anyone else got one?

Ben Hammond16:07:31

> P.S. You're not on a list. I got your address from your public key and emailed you from my personal machine. If you don't want to hear from me again, just ignore this.

Ben Hammond16:07:51

presumably he scraped the keybase public profiles then

Ben Hammond16:07:16

not that I use keybase much, but 'tis has been occasionally very useful

Ben Hammond16:07:38

ah well have good weekends folks

Ben Hammond17:07:12

may we all stay safe


Yes, I got one. I signed up (not intending to use it), and it seems terrible. The android app wouldn't start a qr code scanner, and wouldn't login typing either (but there wasn't a error message)


huh, i've not had an invite, but i'm immediately wary of what looks like home-rolled crypto protocol and possibly algos, closed-source implementation and a "security audit" which looks like a pentest rather than an evaluation of algos and protocols


we use keybase quite a lot - it's teams fileshares have been great for sharing secrets with customers and partners