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Good Morning!


What a morning - it's taken me until now to be able to login to my laptop... some stupid AD issue


(Wow, /me is lame on slack)


/me is terrible. But I'll also jump onto attacking systemd whenever.


Systemd bad. Down with systemd.


tbh, a lot of the freedesktop stuff is utter crap.


I'm a bit grumpy that it's no longer enough to have config files specifying your font/icon preferences, you have to run a gconf command which updates a binary database.


I just want to have portable dotfiles, why is this so difficult?!


This is part of why I switched from Linux to FreeBSD, but I don't think suggesting *BSD at work would go down too well with our head IT person


@djm_uk I use void, which is the BSD user's respite in Linux (although I've never used BSD)


How does it compare to Arch? That's my go to when I need to use Linux (and I have a vagrant vm of it that I keep around), or failing that Debian


NixOS does sound interesting though


oh man, on the dotfiles subject, how are we in 2020 and can't port a laptop config fluently to a new machine on the same OS?


I have so many lil hacky scripts


Hello All... Re the BSD conversation, I realise I am exposing my ignorance here, but what the hell, why would you want to use BSD over Linux on the Desktop? I honestly don't know the actual difference


It's well over ten years since I switched now. There were particular frustrations with Linux in general, and a particular distro (some technical, some more social, I suppose) at the time that led to it


In the end you're mostly running the same software either way


BSD is almost always more sane in everything they do.


Linux has 4 filesystem apis I think, because they got it wrong a few times with the async stuff.


If I wanted to seriously trust every level of my stack, I would find it easier to read the BSD source I think.


The documentation is fantastic too I hear. The man pages are actually useful. They get expanded upon by the maintainers.


I used FreeBSD and tinkered with NetBSD. And I also left it behind about 10 years ago, when I switched to the fauxBSD . If your tooling consisted of an $EDITOR, a terminal and a browser, with any of the BSDs you were set. Mind you, it’s not like I use anything more than that even in any other OS… but in FreeBSD when compared with Linux, it just worked. If there was something unclear, all the info was in its official Handbook. Most third party software was in its ports and could be installed easily. I guess that isn’t so “magical” now days, but back in the day, when compared to Linux, FreeBSD was something that just got out of your way and allowed you to get on with your work.


My primary reason for running linux > mac os today is the absence of a reasonable window manager in OS X. Silly reason I know 🙂


I think that it’s a legit reason. You want to be comfortable in order to be productive.