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Morn’ =)…


hi all, I don't use C-b, C-f, C-p, C-n for cursor movements. I want to use them for expression evaluations. Did anyone try that. Does it break anything else?


@dominicm so I’ve been thinking a bit more about this and speaking to some others (, it seems scaling this the way we’ve been discussing is not straightforward… The ants system as designed is limited by the system thread count. I’ve been wondering if something more threadpool like is the way to go? I’ve not used core.async directly myself, so perhaps this is another way to do this? The model I’m thinking is splitting my design into two parts, agents and systems, the agents are basically ant-like things, ie individual entities that need to be modelled and the systems are the larger scale things that operate on the world the equivalent of pheromones in the ant model, in my case it would be things like running the markets to adjust pricing etc… So that to me says either a single threadpool for each group or two pools one for each type?


@folcon this stuff all depends :) The problem with agents is that they don't allow for cross-entity rules, e.g. "there can never be more than 5 people in a game".


Yea, that’s fair, I suppose I could still use refs but untangled from Threads?